• What is a day is like at The Open Hearth?

    In short, probably not radically different than yours. Our residents work, attend school (often both) watch the news or a sports event in the evening, worry about their employment situation, go to a doctor’s appointment, perhaps use the weight room to work out and prepare for the next day.

  • Can someone help?

    For Example:

    • – Replacing a clothes dryer.
    • – Volunteering to teach our men Financial Literacy or Smoking Cessation.
    • – Painting our cafeteria or other areas in the building.
    • – Donating gently used, comfortable chairs to our building.
    • – Writing a check.

    The “need and want” items are lengthier than our waiting list to admit men. Please call (860) 257-5574  or email Monica with any questions.

  • What kind of jobs do your residents work in?

    Hundreds of our residents find competitive employment during any given year. Some are Master Carpenters, Stonemasons or Certified Nurses Assistants and are employed in these fields. Others may be prepping the food you eat or running the dishwasher after your meal in a local eatery, or scanning packages and loading trucks in warehouses. Licensed Electricians, Cabinet Makers, Janitors, Painters and Landscapers comprise some of TOH’s work force. Many of our men need to complete GEDs begun long ago; a few have Undergraduate or even Master’s degrees. All can offer area employers a determination and work ethic not necessarily inherent in other job applicants.