Employment, Education & Training

“…Teach a man to fish…”

The Working Man’s Center (WMC) is a systematic, formalized, step-by-step process for our clients to prepare for, pursue and find employment. Often the men who come thru our doors are not only unemployed, but unemployable. Though we offer in-house training such as ServSafe, Forklift Operator Certification, Basic Carpentry and more, the WMC is employment-driven and is as much a concept as it is a physical space.

Our Transitional Living Program (TLP) clients are required to follow an all-important Individualized Work Plan. This is composed by both the client and WMC staff during their initial weeks here and monitored regularly to ensure short and long-term goal accomplishment. All clients meet with WMC staff upon arrival, for the purpose of assessing literacy and employment history/skills. WMC staff also seek out and cultivate relationships with community employers and area organizations to partner with in developing work/training programs.

All TLP clients are required to complete a ten-class Employment Readiness Course. The ERC curriculum includes tackling difficult issues such as disclosure and discussion of a criminal record; dealing with co-workers and supervisors in the work place, developing and maintaining self-discipline. Additionally, weekly computer classes are held for the beginning user and those needing skills review classes.

Clients who have had sustained difficulty finding and keeping jobs are enrolled in a Six Month Employment Support Group. Group members meet once monthly in a group setting with staff and other group members to share news of progress. WMC staff meet with these clients individually every week, charting progress and offering unlimited support.

While evaluating the men’s interests and abilities, developing short- and long-term employment goals with them, and reviewing training and educational options available, the WMC re orients our clients to a culture of freedom, accomplishment, and productivity. As is obvious to all involved, however, our men are becoming fishermen.