Transitional Living Program

Time is a relative construct at The Open Hearth.
Different men will come to recovery and employment
at various times while here. Without exception, all are
offered the opportunity for both.

We are an 84 bed program for homeless and formerly incarcerated men, advocating for their recovery, work,
and community integration.
The dedication of our staff and the stamina and determination of our men is inextricable: we support and suggest; they labor toward the goals of education, sobriety, employment, and stable citizenship. Chronic relapsers are given another opportunity to recover “with their own.” The sporadically employed are taught how to speak to an interviewer and rediscover a stalwart work ethic. The psychiatrically disabled are gently urged to clinical intervention. Like packages that contain limitless potential, our program carefully places men where they need to be and supervises their opening.