For The Open Hearth men, jubilance can be about
a job or a GED.

Home. Work. Sobriety. Freedom. These are privileges, not presumed rights for Open Hearth residents. Those who called a bridge embankment home, spent much of their youth peering out from behind bars, or continually relapsed into the disease of addiction, look at shelter, employment, and recovery far differently than most people. The pride and excitement on a man's face when he completes his GED, receives his first paycheck, or stands tall to announce his weeks of sobriety, is rivaled only by staff's delight and gratification. Being reunited with estranged family, attaining a degree of computer literacy, or joking about his newfound "working man" obligations, our men's successes touch other residents who witness the small or substantial progress of their roomates and coworkers. Positive transformation is slow and tentative, but staff and residents witness the rebuilding of human lives.