A great need

No one in our community goes homeless, hungry, or without hope. All our residents can survive and thrive- through recovery, employment, and community reintegration.

In Connecticut alone there are more than 31,000 homeless people. According to the CT Coalition to End Homelessness’s Point-In-Time count, (done on a single winter night, January 27, 2011) there were 715 adults homeless or in shelters that particular evening.- a 5.5% increase in single adults living in shelters. This count includes veterans and a few people with graduate degrees.  Clearly, homelessness is affecting a wide and diverse population. Additionally, the Mayor’s Plan to End Chronic Homelessness by 2015 states that at any one point in time, 1,625 people are homeless in the Capitol Region. The issues that cause homelessness include loss of employment, mental illness, divorce, drug and/or alcohol addiction, or an unanticipated catastrophe such as one’s home burning down. Last year in this state, at least 2 homeless men froze to death due to sleeping in the elements, unsheltered. Our emergency homeless shelter is always filled to capacity- further evidence of the great need in the community for our services.


We help men to change their lives, one success at a time.

The Open Hearth’s Emergency Shelter benefits men aged 18 and older in the State of Connecticut, with Greater Hartford as its primary service area. A majority of the men who enter our doors are in recovery from drug and/or alcohol addiction. Those with psychiatric disabilities and various health conditions also comprise part of the population, which is mixed racially and ethnically (a 74 % minority population). These guests are challenged by a limited educational background, criminal history, sporadic, if any, employment in their past, and a lack of job skills. The typical guest is an African American, 31-40 years of age, in remission from drug addiction and previously incarcerated.